Twelve Angled Stone

Surely during your trip to Peru you get to inquire and investigate about the places and small streets that you can find and visit in the Imperial City of Cusco I’m sure if you ask a traveler or backpacker who already meet this beautiful city you I’m sure He will mention Twelve-angled stone, located a few blocks from the main square of Cusco is a green stone (diorite stone) with 12 angles finely finished. In this blog we provide information with the different versions about the existence of this stone.


The Twelve-angled stone is located on Hatunrumiyoc Street, just one block from The main Square called Plaza de Armas  of Cusco.

Why is it Important?

Many travelers and local people think that this stone is famous for the amount of angles or vertices but this is not true  and we discard this version because very close to the stone we can find stones that have 13 angles or 14 angles then we discard this version.

The Twelve-angled stone is currently one of the emblematic symbols of the city of Cusco, recognized and considered cultural patrimony of Peru, We can appreciate the image of the stone in several ticket, posters or tickets that delivers the municipality of Cusco.

At The present time the twelve angled stone is part of the Archiepiscopal palace formerly was the palace of Inca Roca who was the sixth Inca. The importance of this stone is highlighted in the fine finish that this has as well as the perfection in its angles has an approximate weight of 6 tons and a depth of 2 meters there is the theory that if the block of stone is removed from the inca wall it would collapse.

Its History

The Other version that exists of the existence of the stone of the 12 angles is that the stone is located exactly in the street that divided the city of Cusco in 2 parts (when the cusco city had the Puma form)

Thus dividing the city in Hanan Cusco and the Hurin Cusco (Cusco Down  and Cusco Up) which divided exactly into 6 families on each side beyond the meaning it has or that can be found on the stone of the 12 angles is a work of engineering worthy of admiration.

Remains intact large and resistant to climate change and natural disaster that suffered the city of Cusco and especially remains intact to the attack of unscrupulous people that the 2014 had no better idea than to use an aerosol spray and write the initials of ‘ JHK ‘ , the pints were erased by specialists of the disconcerted Unit of Culture of Cusco from the date it is monitored by the police of Turisco of Cusco, Chambers of the Municipality of Cusco and a person dressed of Inca very apart from these cares is Obligation of all to take care of this great tourist attraction because to be able to appreciate and to take you photos they have no cost is free.

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