Peruvian cuisine, CHIRIUCHU Tradicional food


Peruvian cuisine is becoming more popular every day. Thanks to the different Ecosystems and the Andes that we find in Peru, We can plant and adapt many Crops, spices, cereals, etc. Ancient Peruvians were domesticating and adapting many crops to the Altitude, taking advantage of the rich grounds from the mountains. At the same time, they were domesticating some animals like Lamas, Alpacas. Ducks, Guinea Pigs.

In colonial times, Spanish people brought many different spices, crops, and farm animals that the native Peruvians made owners of these. Specially to start creating meals That nowadays are the traditional food from Peruvian people.

Nowadays, Peruvian cuisine is a wide option for typical and traditional food. Thanks to the mountains we can split Peruvian cuisine according to the territory.

  • At the Peruvian coast, we can find Seafood, Criollo Dishes. For example:

Ceviche, Causa Rellena (made with pash potato and avocado), Lomo Saltado, Guiso de Zapallo (made with Pumpkin), Spicy seafood, Arroz con Pollo ( Green rice with chicken), Aji de Gallina ( pepper cream with portions of chicken), etc.

  • At the mountains or SIERRA, we can find typical dishes in the base of native crops and meet. For example:

Pachamanca (different crops, and meat, taken underground). Cuy Chaqtado (fry guinea pick). trout Ceviche. Adobo (which is like a spicy pork soup). Roasted Guinea pig. Caldo de Cabeza (which is a soup made with lamb head). Papa a la Huancaina ( boil potato with pepper cream), CHIRIUCHU, Etc.

  • At the Peruvian jungle, we can get dishes in the base of the fruits, exotic animals, and bugs. For example:

Juanes ( made with rice mash, chicken, eggs). Tacacho ( Fry banana’s mashed with pork fat). Brocheta de Suri (kebabs of Suri worm) Chapo de Platano ( boiled Banana and it is squeezed). Mamacos o Domblos ( basically fry hunts)


After a little information from the best of Peruvian Cuisine, we start focusing on the Traditional and typical food from Cusco Region called Chiriuchu, which is prepared especially in Corpus Chirsty Festivity nowadays. Chiriuchu is in the Quechua language which means Cold Pepper. Nowadays this main course is on the base of many portions of different food that we will talk about it.


There are many versions of this traditional food that dates back to the Incas time.

According to the oral Information, The Chiriuchu was born from the AYNI (it is a value that Andean people used to practice that means Reciprocity). After the Incas finished working the farmlands, all the families used to share the best food with the rest of the people. Therefore, they were creating a mix of many foods from the Andes, the Jungle, and the Coast.

According to the Andean people every crop that was coming from the soil was representing the Male site, and the rest like, Corn, seaweed, guinea pig, chicken, etc. were representing the female site.

With the arrival of Spanish people, the Inca customs were changing a lot, taking this Chiriuchu Traditional Food, especially to the Corpus Christi festivity. Nowadays Cusco people can eat Chiriuchu Peruvian Cuisine in the Catholic festivities and processions. Along the time Chiriuchu was changing and adapting many European ingredients.


  • 01 hen
  • pepper
  • Huacatay ( similar to cilantro)
  • Seaweed
  • Hotdogs
  • Cheese
  • Spicy Chiles
  • Inca popcorn
  • Pumpkin tortillas
  • Roasted Guinea Pig
  • dehydrated meet called Sharky


The preparation of this magic dish from the new Peruvian cuisine starts one day before. Firstly, we start roasting the guinea pig, subsequently, we boil the Hen and the dehydrated beef in different saucepans. We need to make the Inca popcorn as well.

The same day we start preparing the Pumpkin Tortilla, the rest of the ingredients we clean them with boil water. Finally the next day we put all the food together in a big bowl.

End of Chiriuchu preparation. Therefore, Delight this delicious Peruvian Cuisine food.

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