Peru Independence day July 28


Peru independence day is a national Holiday celebrated July 28 every year. We commemorated the Peru liberation from Spain since 1821. There are many activities that Peruvians accomplish during this Peru Holiday. Hence, when you visit this Amazing country we can advise you about some things and places that you can do and visit.


If you are arriving in Peru during the National Holiday, you have to be informed of the reasons why Peruvians feel so proud of Peru Independence.

Before the Peru Independence that was on July 28 from 1821. There were many rebellions from Peruvians, Specially from native people, trying to remove the slavery that Spanish people imposed during the Colonial time. So, the second native rebellion during colonial time was led by Tupac Amaru II, in 1780. It was just 41 years before the Peru Independence. Unfortunately, this rebellion did not go on, because Mr. Tupac Amaru was betrayed and quartered. Nowadays, in all the world, especially in Latin America Tupac Amaru II is Popular.

After Tupac Amaru, in all South America, consequently, the countries start their independence campaigns. During these years, in all Peru, many people start rebellions against  Spanish people’s oppression.

The Argentinian Captian Don Jose de San Martin was the one in charge to make Peru Independence. During some campaigns, in the north of Peru, he created the Peruvian Flag on October 21, 1820. After hostile campaigns, finally, Captain Don Jose de San Martin got Lima. He proclaims the Peru Independence on July 21, 1821. After one year of many battles between the Peruvian Patriots and the Spanish Realistas, Mr. Don Jose de San martin left the Peru Liberation to Mr. Simon Bolivar who made Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia Independence.


Nowadays, July 28, 1821, is Peru’s national holiday. Around the 24 regions of Peru, a lot of public institutes and schools make some parades before the central day.

School Parades

During these Peru National Holidays, Many schools make the parade championship. Most of the important festivities, Peruvians celebrate with Typical and Military Parades.

Military parade

The most important day During Peru holiday, July 28, the Peruvian army starts the main Parade, Followed by the National Police and other important public Institutes. There are many families that assist in this important day.

Flag Hoisting

Many Peruvians, especially people who feel proud to be from Peru, since July 01 they hoist the Peru Flag out of the home. During the year, every Sunday the governors from all the Peruvian regions hoist Peru Flag at the main square.


  • There are many Peru holiday things that you can do during your stay in Peru.
  • If you are a food lover, this is the best time to visit Peru, because there are many traditional meals that Peruvians prepare. for example, the Causa Limeña, made with mash potato, avocado, and fish, ceviche seafood, Seco de Cordero based on lamb, cabrito al Palo which is the roasted goat. etc.
  • You have to try the traditional drink from Peru, the one which was created in the Province of Pisco located in Inca. The National drink of Peru called Pisco Sour.
  • Wherever you go you will listen to the Typical music called Musica Criolla. This Music called Criolla is a Peru Style where people play the instruments like Guitar and Peru Cajon
  • Peru national Holiday is the best day where many people make a lot of excursions, therefore, most of the tourist attractions will be full, and it is time to know Peru friends.
  • You can delight the different Parades that usually start 05 days before July 28, Peru Independence day.
  • If you are in Lima these days, you can visit El real Felipe fortress, San Martin Main square.
  • if you are in the Cusco region the best options to pass this Peru Holiday are the day hikes. Such as Rainbow mountain of Palcoyo and Vinincunca, Humantay Lake, Chonta the condor viewpoint, Qeswachaca Inca bridge.
  • If you don’t know what to do these days, we can offer you some recommendations about this Amazing Holidays, Search us here INCA MACHU PICCHU TOURS

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