Pallay Poncho & Apu Taqllo The new Colorful mountain


Pallay Poncho, Apu Taqllo, and Condor Sayana are 03 mountains located in the same area. Amazing mountains that will be the new colorful mountains alternative after Vinincuanca Rainbow Mountain. Let’s explore this amazing new place for tourism. Before we start talking about Pallay Poncho the sharp Mountain, it is important to recommend to follow the biosafety protocols for Coronavirus.

If you feel ready to discover new places after the COVID -19 Quarantine, try to add this new wonderful place located on your Machu Picchu Journey.

Along the Cusco region, we have a lot of stunning Colorful rainbow mountains Like Vinincunca, Palcoyo, and nowadays Pallay poncho.


In this new amazing place, actually there are 3 incredible Sharp Mountains called Apu Taqllo, Condor Sayana, Pallay Poncho. The elevation of this mountain is 4800 meters ASL.

Pallay Poncho: which means Inca written in the Poncho, The Pallay is one kind of writing that Incas used to use at pre-colonial tomes.

Apu Taqllo: Actually the highest mountain around here is the Apu Taqqllo Mountain 5000 meters ASL. Native Quechua People called Apu to refer to the spirits who live in the mountains, hence, they are the protectors of towns, nations, and people. Taqllo means sharp, nowadays we can delight that the 3 mountains are sharp.

Condor Sayana: is the mountain beside Pallay Poncho, the meaning is, where the condor stops. According to the locals from Layo District, The Condors look for any animal who is sick to hunt them.


This breathtaking colorful mountain is located Cusco Region, at the limit between Canas and Canchis provinces. Between Layo and Ocobamba Communities. The way to get this Colorful mountain is just following the highway toward Puno. From Cusco City will take you about 04 hours to get the beginning of the Hike. The elevation from Pallay Poncho is 4800 meter ASL 15748.03 ft ASL


You have to know that Pallay Poncho is a new tourist attraction that recently some explores showed it. nowadays there are some agencies that are studying the options how to get and show this new Colorful mountain. Trying to avoid overpopulation and pollution.

Therefore, at the first time if you want to visit this new place we can recommend you to rent a car on your own and start dring early in the morning. at 04 am approx toward Sicuani town. Once you pass Sicuani, after 10 minutes driving you will see a detour to the Right. That high way will take you straight to the Lake called  Langui Layo. There will be another deflection to the left just following the road until you arrive at Layo town. Since this point, you will start the Hike steep uphill. for about two hours to visit The sharp mountain Pallay Poncho. nowadays it is the nears way to get this Rainbow and sharp mountain.

If you are a Trek lover, there is an alternative Hike that starts since Ocobamba Comunity. the location of Ocobamba will be driving 25 minutes from Sicuani town, following the highway to Puno.

If you want to get more information about the tours to this new stunning colorful mountain, INCA MACHU PICCHU TOURS can help you,  because after the Sanitarian Emergency we will show it.


  • Snacks
  • water
  • Walking poles
  • extra money
  • First aid kit like altitude sickness medicine
  • Good hiking boots
  • Day backpack
  • Sun hut and sunscreen
  • Jacket
  • Raincoat


  • Pallay Poncho colorful mountain is a new tourist attraction. Therefore, access from Cusco to the nearest town is not signalized.
  • Likewise, there is not a path built, if you want to get the breathtaking views, you have to be careful because it can be pretty slippery.
  • The hike is great for people who, like an adventure in Nature.
  • The locals want to develop tourism in this beautiful landscapes. Hence, try not to make a lot of erosion. Try to carry all the trash that you make, even if is organic because if you throw the mountain will look dirty. Let’s show everybody that we have a lot of respect for the places that we visit.
  • You can find there some families who can prepare lunch for you while you delight Pallay Poncho Colorful mountain
  • You can find in Cusco city many travel agents that will offer the cheaper price, “remember that the cheaper price can result expensive”. If you have any problem with any tours, you can complain in DIRCETUR Cusco

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